The New York Go Honor Society (NYGHS) is an organization created by the NYGA with the intent of promoting Go across New York. The NYGHS mainly focuses on raising awareness about Go to students, establishing a bigger Go community for the future, and developing a stronger youth Go community within New York. The NYGHS executive team includes multiple honorary members from multiple prestigious colleges such as Harvard, MIT, and Yale. They oversee the decisions made by the NYGHS and help contribute and guide the members successfully spread and raise the awareness of Go. For more info about the honorary members click the link. https://www.ny-go.org/nyghs

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Section 1: The mission of the NYGHS is to learn and spread the philosophical ideas that have been embedded in Go for thousands of years. It is a platform that provides young Go players an environment to enrich their Go experience, improve their organizational skills, and broaden their horizons. Specifically, through the NYGHS, our Go players will work together to hone their leadership, logical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. They will also communicate and cooperate with students from top American colleges to expand social skills and enrich personal accomplishment. Members of the NYGHS will engage in these activities with the purpose of creating a better learning environment for the youth Go community. 


Section 2: In order to satisfy this overarching goal, the NYGHS will:

  1. Spread the knowledge and awareness of Go by reaching out to 50 schools in New York per year in order to develop potential young talent.

  2. Host a major Go event in the New York area with help from the honorary president. This includes drafting a proposed plan (including the budget) of the event, setting a venue, promoting the event, registration, and attending the event. The event can be newly proposed or the annual school invitational. 

  3. Encourage leadership and participation in events among the youth Go community. 

  4. Have all current and future members introduce Go to their school, and if possible, create a club of some kind and attend meetings regularly.

Co-Presidents: There will be two Co-Presidents who will be responsible for running the NYGHS. Co-Presidents will alternate handling monthly meetings, monitor other officials, and have quarterly meetings with the honorary president.

Vice-President: The Vice-President will provide advice to Co-Presidents and will schedule monthly meetings.

Web-Master: The Web-Master is in charge of managing the website, updating the NYGHS’s monthly news, and manage spreadsheets and docs the NYGHS may need.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is in charge of managing the budget for the NYGHS, reimbursement for members, and is in charge of making quarterly expense reports. 

Promotional head: The Promotional head is in charge of designing a logo for the NYGHS, designing fliers to promote tournaments, posting updates on social media, and updating parent organizations with brief reports on major Go events.

Volunteers: attend the monthly meetings and taking notes on the google doc, cooperate with the webmaster for managing the NYGHS official website, cooperate with the promotion head for updating news on FB and other social media, helping to organize the New York Go League


As an organization, the NYGHS will function under the directions of its officials.  It's purpose is to provide  its members the means of  increasing the popularity of go by hosting events under its name. The NYGHS’s annual funding of $500 and further funding from grants/sponsors will be used to satisfy the needs of the NYGHS and benefit the organization. 



The NYGA is the parent organization of the NYGHS and will oversee all activities of the NYGHS. The NYGA will provide the NYGHS with a yearly expense of $500 for its mission purposes. The role of the NYGA within the NYGHS will be to specifically provide guidance, advice and support to the activities of the NYGHS. The co-presidents of the NYGHS will have 2 annual meetings with the honorary presidents of the NYGHS, from which will be within the bounds of the NYGA, to dictate and decide further proceedings of the NYGHS. If there ever presents a case such that a member of the NYGHS presents himself or herself in a situation in which he or she oversteps his or her bounds or shows a lack of commitment, a removal will be called from within the NYGHS and will be processed by the NYGA to decide on measures to take.



The first members of the NYGHS are to be selected through an open application by the honorary members. Applicants, who must be enrolled in high school as they apply, will be prompted to talk about what Go means to them and in addition to their ambitions for the organization. The selection process for future years will be decided upon by the first members of the NYGHS by the end of their term, with approval from the honorary members, . If the members are unable to come up with a new selection process and its requirements, then the selection process will remain the same for the subsequent term.

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