Through various mediums such as Twitch and Youtube, many content creators create videos for the go community. Pros and amateurs alike use these platforms to help teach the Go community whether it be through their own games, game reviews, opening or joseki guides, etc. Here are six content creators we thought were noteworthy because of the frequency of their uploads and the quality of their content.


NYIG_Go is a youtube channel run by the New York Institute of Go, supporter and sponsor of the NYGHS. In 2016, 1-Dan professionals Stephanie Yin & Ryan Li founded NYIG to teach and spread the great game of Go in North America. Their goal is to communicate and prolong Go Spirit and Go Philosophy. Enjoy their quality content brought to you by their very own team of proffessional go players.


Dwyrin is a self-taught amateur Go player who also creates content on both youtube and Twitch. He is known for advocating to play Go with simplicity as well as his unique style of teaching. His frequent streams and regular uploads attract a wide audience and are always useful for players at any rank. You can find his Twitch and streaming schedule on his youtube channel (link below).

Nick Sibicky

Nick Sibicky is an amateur Go player who also teaches at the Seattle Go center. Most of his videos are recordings of his lectures — which are geared towards kyu players —in addition to reviews of his own games. Although some of his lectures may not be suited for stronger players, all can enjoy his enthusiasm for teaching the game.

Official AGA Youtube Channel

This channel is the official Youtube channel of the American Go Association. The channel is known for featuring game reviews by Michael Redmond and live broadcasts of major go events. Although their upload schedule can be erratic at times, they make sure to deliver quality content which can benefit everyone's own skills in the game.

Yoonyoung Kim

Yoonyoung is a Korean 8-Dan professional Go player who lives in Canada. She streams regularly and uploads videos to her Youtube channel - which feature game reviews of recent major go tournaments, online games, and teaching games. She is known for always giving back to her supporters - whether it be in the form of giving free teaching games, reviews, or simply taking requests during her streams.

Go Pro Yeonwoo

Yeonwoo is Korean Professional Go player who makes content for the game in both English and Korean. Her Youtube Channel features her online and tournament games, game reviews, and joseki guides. She is known for her eccentric teaching style as well as her concise and informative professional game reviews.



In addition to YouTube and Twitch channels, there are dozens of useful websites dedicated to the game of Go. Here are seven more websites we believe to be some of the more useful and educational ones out there.

Playground Equipment (Basics for Go)

Playground Equipment is a website that features a multitude of resources that teach you the rules and strategies of Go. Though predicated for those who aren't as skilled and for youngsters this site is still extremely useful and very informative about the origins, rules, and basic strategies of Go. 


Studying records of professional games is one effective method of study for Go. Go4Go allows its users to select and view from the thousands of games compiled  within its database. The site is frequently updated and manages to keep up with recording even the most recent professional games.


Reddit has lots of forums and threads for all sorts of topics, Go included. On Reddit, you can find a more extensive list of website links, game reviews, news updates, etc. The site also allows you to freely post and ask questions which pertain to the game, making it valuable resource for anyone who wants to improve.


OGS is one of the only browser based Go servers which has both correspondence and live games. The site has lots of useful features such as demo boards, a built in review system, AI reviews, Life and Death, Joseki, and tournaments. is the website run by the American Go Association. On the website you can find the latest Go news, information on Go events and tournaments, list of go clubs in the US, and even a list of Go servers (link below).

Tsumego Hero

Practicing Tsumego/Life and Death problems is important for any Go player. Being able to recognize certain patterns, shapes and positions will give you an edge over players who don't solve problems often. Tsumego Hero is one of many websites which you can use for Go problems.

Sensei's Library

Sensei's Library is a collective website dedicated to information pertaining to Go. The site features information on a variety of Go topics which include, but are not limited to, Go terminology, famous players, rules, Go etiquette, strategies, list of books and other resources.


Zbaduk is an online AI service that allows you to save your games, review them using artificial intelligence, and to play games against an AI. They offer a free membership that lets you store up to 20 games, and a premium service allowing you to store 5000 games with additional features such as score estimations and ownership maps.

AI sensei

AI sensei is an online AI service you can use for reviewing your games by uploading an SGF file from certain apps like KGS(same as Zbaduk). The free service offers you unlimited game reviews with its paid memberships returning a greater amount of possible playouts and longer variations. They have also recently introduced a "training mode" letting you add your own problems and solving them using AI.