Privacy policy

In short: The NYGHS is committed to protecting your privacy when registering as a member of our website. We don’t collect data ourselves(see section 2 for details on third party data collection) and we do not personally use cookies to collect any personal information about our members.


  1. We only collect data when:

1.1. You give us your information directly:

A provided example would be registering on to our website as a member and giving us your email to register.


1.2. When you make your information publicly available:

A provided example could be if you posted on our forums with personal information pertaining to yourself or if you make information on yourself in the ‘profile’ section under your account.


  1. Third-party data collection:

In short: Wix has a policy of collecting “Users-of-Users’” data solely under the jurisdiction of the “User’s”. As we have stated before, we do not collect any data whatsoever on our users except when 1.1 You give us your information directly, or 1.2 When you make your information publicly 

available. To view the Wix privacy policy, visit this page:

We created the privacy policy section to ensure the trust and security of our users. If there are any further questions, please contact us at