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The New York Go League

The newly formed New York Go Honor Society, in an effort to promote go and promote the competitive playing of go throughout the New York area, has decided to create the New York Go league. Our team has been looking to have players be able to experience competitive games a few times a month. However, under our current circumstances, it has come to our attention that players worldwide are all under restrictive requirements, so we’ve decided to open up the tournament to all members of our go community. We felt that by opening an online tournament during such time, we could deviate some stress away from the current situation and give people someone to talk to and play a competitive match with.

Entry into the league is entirely free and takes nothing more than a stable, official or online rank. Because of this prizes for competitors will be relatively limited (although this may be subject to change if the league gains enough attention). That being said however, we feel that it’s most important for our players to use this league as a chance to learn and progress their skills in Go while realizing their passion for playing the game. Regardless of their situation, we hope people will use this as an opportunity to experience games in a competitive setting and have fun playing online!


The league will be formatted similar to a round robin tournament except it will span over three months. At the end of each three month period we will examine the results and standings within each division (which will be grouped by rank) and award prizes accordingly. Additionally, players who perform exceedingly well within their divisions may be given the chance to move up a division based on the circumstances of other players/divisions. 

For more information on the tournament,

you can read our rules and regulations here: https://docs.google.com/document

If the integrated google form does not work, please use: https://forms.gle


How to download KGS and/or join the Tournament Room

- Click this link (https://www.gokgs.com)

- Then click "For Windows" or "For Mac" 

- Once downloaded, click on the app, and create a guest account

- After creating a guest account, you should first register a KGS account (instructions are shown on the app)

- Once you have finished the steps above click Rooms -> Room List -> AGHS Tournament Room -> Join